This is how it started! The Devlog!

Hi! Welcome to our very first blog!

This is CK! We, that's to say, me and the artist Haru, had decided to add a weblog to our website. So we are going to share little bits here on this blog (Mostly about our games)!

Looking back to a year and a half ago, we have this sudden idea about making a simple game that narrates a story without using understandable words. Haru made this wonderful map as her first attempt at drawing hand-drawn map!

First map!

Comparing this first map with one of the latest map from the game, we have improved!

Latest Map

Umm... that's all for now I guess. You'll be seeing a lot of my post here. I'll post about our new project "R" next! Stay tune!

#wanda #indiegame #RPGmaker

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